The application security space is a complicated environment with a vast landscape of roles, development methodologies, and tech stacks. Developers, security leads, risk analysts, Scrum masters, vendor managers, operations teams, and system architects are all on the scene, just to name a few. 

If we compare the land of AppSec to the agriculture industry, your Veracode Security Program Managers are the farmers, and secure software is our crop. Our calloused hands are dirty with application security, and we thrive on lending our green thumb to your program, so you can achieve your security and organizational goals. 

This summer marks my two-year tenure as a Veracode Security Program Manager. I support about 30 different customer organizations in the Eastern US, and I specialize in scaling new application security initiatives into best-in-class programs. We are all about delivering value here at Veracode, and I wanted to shed some light on how Security Program Managers can help guide you on your AppSec journey.

We’re Here For You

Whether you need us for one hour per month, or 16 hours a week, we’ve got your back. We are a part of the larger Services team within Veracode, and we’re proud of it. Some of us support 250 customers, some of us support three customers, and most of us are somewhere in between. Regardless of your level of service, you will always be partnered with a Veracode Security Manager to help you succeed.

As Security Program Managers, most of our time is spent communicating with our customers. Although Veracode may be one tool in your program, we understand how the solution fits into your larger security landscape, and we are experts in the space. Internally, we share what works (and what doesn’t work) with each other to fine tune our best-practice methods.   

We’re an Extension of Your Team

Although we are process and workflow wizards, there may be times when we don’t have the answer to your questions right away. However, we usually know who will. Veracode Security Program Managers act on your behalf as corporate liaisons, and we’re not shy about asking for help when we don’t know something.           

Throughout the life of your program, you’ll work with us to identify organizational challenges, program goals, and success metrics. The combination of these tools and our programmatic approach holds you and your team accountable. Need help integrating Veracode results into your SIEM or want to discuss the best way to manage your CI/CD pipeline? We know some people.   

We Help You Achieve Security as a Competitive Advantage

Kick-off calls, platform demos, status calls, and program review meetings equip us with visibility into the health of your program. These touchpoints, combined with a blend of analytics, strategic expertise, and a shared passion for efficiency, are the base to our secret sauce for your success. We’re obsessed with helping you lessen your risk of failure and saving you money, all while enabling your organization to become more secure as a competitive advantage.

Your Veracode Security Program Manager will have insight into our newest programs and resources to help you achieve your security goals. Lean on us to help you discover a list of your applications that already qualify for the free Veracode Verified program. We’ll also keep you up to speed on our latest and greatest free webinars, which are released on a monthly basis. Becoming familiar with your program enables us to send you content tailored to your initiatives. Let us dig through the noise and send you the right resources.

We Evolve With You

The pressure to produce more code more quickly will only compound over time. Veracode Security Program Managers are here to ensure your great software is also secure, all while helping you move fast. While speed is top of mind for us, accuracy is built into our DNA. As a team, we are passionate about staying ahead of emerging market changes and the latest technology trends.   

We know how to leverage our enhanced Veracode Analytics tool in the platform to gain immediate insight into your program to identify potential risk, areas to improve, and strategic next steps. We can also help you learn how to create and share custom reports that are meaningful to both you and your business. 

Your organization is working hard to create software that’s changing the world; lean on a Veracode Security Program Manager as a trusted advisor to help secure it. Together, we can plant the seeds for bold innovations and pioneer new discoveries.     

Check out our website, to learn more about our Services organization.

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