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  • Penetration Testing: A guide for business and IT managers Penetration testing is the attempt to professionally break in to an organisation’s computer systems, with the goal of determining whether the systems are secure. This guide for business and IT managers, developed in collaboration with CREST, explains the process of penetration testing and the benefits it […]

  • I’ve written before about the paradox of hiring managers not being able to find entry-level cybersecurity candidates, while many people with decent training or even degrees in the field cannot get hired. As it turns out, it’s not really that hard to explain. The Military takes you from zero to hero. In extremely large and […]

  • The application security space is a complicated environment with a vast landscape of roles, development methodologies, and tech stacks. Developers, security leads, risk analysts, Scrum masters, vendor managers, operations teams, and system architects are all on the scene, just to name a few.  If we compare the land of AppSec to the agriculture industry, your […]