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  • Google has decided to expand the scope of one of its bug bounty programs as well as launch another security rewards initiative. On 29 August, Android Security & Privacy team members Adam Bacchus, Sebastian Porst, and Patrick Mutchler announced that the Google Play Security Reward Program (GPSRP) will now cover all Google Play apps with […]

  • ANGULARJS Programming Language. In 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn Coding Fast! Angular Crash Course, A QuickStart eBook, Tutorial Book by Program Examples, In Easy Steps! An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide! This is a zero-risk investment, If you are not satisfied with the eBook, you can get a full refund within 7 days! About This Book This […]

  • When you make an investment in an application security program, you’re expecting to derive value from the initiative; in other words, you’re expecting to get some kind of return on your investment. After more than 10 years working with organizations to implement and build out application security programs, we have a pretty clear sense of […]

  • The basic blocking and tackling of defining and executing an application security program includes having an executive mandate, a policy, and an inventory of your applications. These comprise the minimum requirements to successfully define and execute a program. But once a program is defined, what are the factors that make it successful? Optimizing your application […]

  • Clear objectives and goals are key to success for any initiative, and AppSec is no exception. But many organizations struggle to establish application security goals, or focus on the wrong goals to the detriment of their program. Below we outline factors to consider when creating goals for your application security program. Metrics At a high […]