We Broke into Spy Hacker Safe House to find E3 Laptop! (Game Master Battle Royale in real life)

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo are trapped after they broke into the Spy Hacker Apartment overnight to get the E3 Laptop.

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After a battle royale in real life Matt, Rebecca and Daniel escape the hacker quadrant. It turns into a chase when they jump on a motorcycle. After they lose them Rebecca remembers they need to throw a dart at a map for the next location. Matt lands on the Apple store and they all start searching for the missing laptop to stop E3 and get back their website. They chose the wrong location and now you decide using instagram the Colonel mustards safe house. When they get there the front door is unlocked and they are able to break in using no ninja spy gadgets. Why was this mysteriously open? Inside they found his jacket and a video message from the red hood. The game master warned us about this. After searching the apartment matt discovered it using his detective skills at the same time the quadrant arrived. They get into a quick battle royale and lost the laptop. Do you think we’ll be able to stop E3 and find the final missing hacker laptop? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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