Maximizing Appreciation of Life

Lots of things have combined to help me capture and articulate what I believe is my ultimate life purpose: I enjoy finding patterns in how people pursue meaning, constructing models for how said meaning works, and then creating, discussing, and sharing possible frameworks for improving it.My About Page I think the main factors for arriving […]

Enthusiasm is Life

I’m becoming something of an audiophile. I know, that’s what I thought at first too. The whole process has been fascinating to me, from the learning, to the gear, to the listening. But what I’m finding most enjoyable about it, if I pay attention closely, is the fact that I’m engrossed in it. That I’m […]

Coming to Life: A Detailed Tutorial on Building Your First ATT&CK Procedure

Note: The attack procedure built in this post will not work for every macOS operating system or in every scenario. There are many factors that can block scripts from running at boot time, and you should always test against your target operating system. The MITRE ATT&CK framework is a universally accepted knowledge-base of tactics, techniques […]

30 Books That I Will Re-Read For The Rest of My Life

I read 3-6 books a month, and I just went through hundreds of my previous reads to find those that I plan on reading periodically. I thought this would end up being like 10, not 30. These are the books that are either so good, so motivating, or so content-rich that I feel I need […]

ChinaTalk: 故事FM (China's “This American Life”) Founder Talks Storytelling in Modern Chin‪a‬

Aizhe, 故事FM’s founder, runs the leading Chinese language podcast. His show gives a platform for everyday Chinese to tell their stories. We talked about his show and the state of journalism in modern China. Aizhe is a personal hero of mine and I’m so grateful I had this opportunity to record this episode. Aizhe would […]

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