Are you still breakdancing? Storing data on your floppy disk? Performing your searches through the card catalog? Assuming the answer is no, then why are you still using an on-premises application security solution?

In all seriousness, take a look at the benefits, and cost savings, you would see with a cloud-based AppSec solution:

Start scanning immediately: No need to install servers and tools, no need to hire consultants or security specialists to get up and running. On-premises solutions require significant upfront implementation and equipment costs. In addition, on-premises solutions typically require specialized experts to install and run. The security experts who can install, configure, and maintain these tools, as well as respond to the information they return, are expensive and in short supply.

Easily accommodate large and distributed teams: In today’s environment, teams are rarely in one location. With cloud solutions, disparate teams can work seamlessly together.

Cumbersome to scale: When an on-premises application security program needs to be scaled, enterprises frequently need to track down more of these hard-to-find security specialists, in addition to installing more servers.

Continuously learning and improving: Unlike an on-premises AppSec solution, a cloud-based solution is continuously gathering more information, learning, and improving. With this feature, it’s less likely that developers will get bogged down with false positives because the platform is continuously learning to adapt to evolving threats.

Mobile access: Mobile access is available with a cloud solution, but not always with an on-premises solution.

As progressive organizations seek the best possible solution for addressing the challenge of application security, they’re looking for speed, scale, and simplicity. These are the exact limitations of on-premises software. So why are some companies still holding on to a thing of the past?

In conclusion, let’s keep the 80’s where they belong, back in the 80’s (except for some of the music, some of the music is worth keeping).

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