After hackers blackmailed their clients, Finnish therapy firm declares bankruptcy

Vastaamo, the Finnish psychotherapy practice that covered up a horrific data breach which resulted in patients receiving blackmail threats, has declared itself bankrupt. Read more in my article on the Hot for Security blog. Graham Cluley

Eugene Kaspersky says cyber-crooks coined it during COVID and will take a break to spend their loot

Not so fast, says infosec boffin, because crims know returning workers will be easy prey Kaspersky CEO Eugene Kaspersky has suggested that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic will bring a slowdown in cyber-crime.… The Register – Security

New ransomware only decrypts victims who join their Discord server

A new ransomware called ‘Hog’ encrypts users’ devices and only decrypts them if they join the developer’s Discord server. […] BleepingComputer

How Many Major Companies Have Lost Their Leadership Position Due to a Breach?

I was just thinking about the biggest breaches we’ve had in history, from companies like Adobe, LinkedIn, Equifax, Marriott, Target, etc., and wondering how badly they’ve been affected long-term. Stock price doesn’t tell the full story of whether something impacted a company. I’m wondering one specific thing about these top companies with the biggest breaches: […]

Organizations more likely to accelerate business when protecting their cloud data

Cloud services are the most significant advance in IT since the introduction of the internet itself, and most organizations today benefit from the collaboration, scalability and cost-effectiveness enabled by the use of cloud services, according to McAfee. With an increasing amount of sensitive data stored in the cloud, organizations are also finding challenges in managing […]

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