“A Hacker’s Story” explores how an informal or “casual” group of mainly young people – who has a vision but no contract – assemble and act on it to hack global organisations. What triggers them to carry out a hack or share confidential intel? In other words, why do hackers work, and what role could or should they play in our world? What risks do they pose to our security – are they an asset or a threat? How can young people be better informed on the realities of hacking and the wider implications?

“A Hacker’s Story” focuses on the experiences and insights from three different people, each with a unique perspective on illegal hacking:

Jake Davis was once dubbed the “most-wanted cyber-criminals on the planet”. Previously a member of hacker collective Anonymous, he later formed LulzSec, where he and his collaborative targeted sites such as The Sun, X-Factor, Sony, and the CIA. Eventually arrested in a joint FBI-Scotland Yard investigation, Jake explains his motivations, and his view on the wider, real world of hacking. Today he’s a writer, speaker and global consultant on security, internet culture and privacy.

Professor Ruth Blakeley is co-director of The Rendition Project which provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of the CIA’s Rendition, Detention and Interrogation programme. As Professor of Politics and International Relations at Sheffield University, she explains the impact and role of whistleblowers and hacking on global security… and human rights.

Richard Jones is Manager of the Prevent operational team at the National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), in the UK’s National Crime Agency. He and his team focus on stopping people from becoming involved in cyber crime, or from re-offending. Stressing the rule of the law, Richard highlights the need for greater collaboration and communication between young hackers and the work of the NCCU.

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