Who Wants To See ANYONE's iPhone Photos?

I found this secret iPhone 7 Plus/iOS 10 Photo Hack that lets you see ANYONE’s photos!
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I found this Apple iPhone photo hack on iOS 10.1 that basically allows you to see anyones photos or contacts without them knowing. It’s a little tricky, but this hack is very DANGEROUS and I don’t want to see anyone upset from it. You don’t need TouchID or a passcode to unlock the photos on a iPhone 6. It works on any iPhone that has iOS 10 on it! Please please please be careful guys I don’t wanna get beat up

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Get your friend to unlock their phone and just say “oh i wanna go into the clock app”
Create new alarm
Go to Sound
Pick a song
Type anything, then ‘Select All’…then ‘Share’ to a ‘Message’
Type ‘MEEP’ in the To: section…then hit ‘Return’
Tap on ‘MEEP’ and then tap it again so it bring u to a contact page
Create New Contact
Then ‘add photo’ in upper left corner
Then LOCK your friends iPhone
When they’re sleeping or whatever (be safe here please), swipe up on the lock screen
Find the clock app, and then you’re in and can look at their photos
Make sure you don’t get caught/killed and I didn’t tell you this
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