Weekly Update 225

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Weekly Update 225

And we’re finally home. After 8,441km of driving finished off by a comfy flight home whilst the car catches a ride on a carrier, we’re done. I talk about why we didn’t finish the drive in the latter part of this week’s video (basically boiled down to border uncertainties due to COVID outbreaks), but we still did all the big things we’d hoped for on this holiday. And now that we’re firmly home again, it’s back to business as usual with more breaches, more IoT and despite it being an all-new year, more of all the same stuff. Enjoy 🙂

Weekly Update 225
Weekly Update 225
Weekly Update 225
Weekly Update 225


  1. I ordered a LaMetric as soon as I wrapped up this video (should be a cool little IoT addition to my office)
  2. I’m getting pretty excited about the Prusa 3D printer that’s on its way (this is a great vid if you’re unfamiliar with their story)
  3. A bunch of really sensitive info has been breached relating to Tasmanian ambulance callouts (“the private details of every Tasmanian who has called an ambulance since November last year have been published online”)
  4. Ho Mobile in Italy had 2.5M customer records breached (the data is up for sale for the express purpose of hijacking victims’ phone numbers via SIM swapping)
  5. I’m still doing guitar lessons (I hate this obnoxious behaviour, but I love the way people responded in the live stream 😊)
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