TrustRadius recently awarded Veracode with a 2021 Best Application Security Feature Set Award and Best Application Security Customer Support Award. These honors are given to companies that have gone above and beyond to delight their users.

To win the Best Feature Set Award, each nominated organization had to receive 10 TrustRadius reviews in the past year that featured specific mention of their product???s feature set. Winners also had to rank in the top three positions of their category in terms of what percentage of positive responses they earned this year. Additional vetting via textual review analysis was also performed by the TrustRadius research team ??ヲ And Veracode came out on top!

Best feature set ???

Veracode offers a comprehensive selection of SaaS-based application security (AppSec) analysis methods and supports over 24 programming languages as well as a wide array of frameworks. We also provide visibility into the application status across all common testing types in a single view. By having visibility into the health of your applications, you are able to focus on fixing ??? not just finding ??? vulnerabilities.

The Best Application Security Feature Set Award is a great honor and a true testament to our products and services. ???At Veracode, we strive to provide our customers with the latest and most innovative tools and technology,??? said Elana Anderson, CMO of Veracode.

Veracode also won the 2021 Best Application Security Customer Support Award. This award was given to Veracode for its ability to provide efficient and effective support for a wide variety of projects. Since Veracode AppSec is SaaS-based, it needs to be able to support a more robust set of code functionalities than on-premises platforms ??? and it does so with ease.

???We are committed to providing developers and security teams with a comprehensive SaaS application security platform that integrates into their workflows along with highly responsive customer support. Receiving these awards is a testament to our effort to provide unparalleled software security solutions and support,??? said Elana Anderson.

By reviewing the recipients of TrustRadius awards and learning more about their products and services, AppSec buyers can make more informed decisions.

As the CEO of TrustRadius, Vinay Bhagat, stated, ???We are excited to announce our first-ever ???Best of??? Award winners. Let???s face it: not all products are created equal, and neither are all technology buyers. That???s why at TrustRadius we???re always looking for new ways to help buyers make great decisions. By highlighting products that have first-class feature sets, we can help more buyers navigate to products that will meet their unique needs.???

To learn more about the winners of the TrustRadius awards, and for more information on Veracode???s AppSec feature set and customer support, check out the TrustRadius blog,ツ?Best of Security Software 2021.

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