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  • Now they’re withdrawing co-operation too Following disquiet over the IEEE’s decision to block Huawei-linked researchers from doing various academic tasks, a Chinese computer research body has reportedly severed ties with the IEEE in retaliation.… The Register – Security

  • Your code is powerful, clever, and elegant—but is it secure? More than ever, code makes the world go ’round. From smart home thermostats to critical infrastructure to integrated clinical environments in hospitals, code runs so much of what touches our lives every day. Sometimes we are explicitly aware that we are interacting with software but […]

  • I think what’s happening to America right now can best be captured as a catastrophic loss of meaning. Bowling Alone is the canonical work on the loss of community in our lives. We’ve spent decades cutting religion out of our lives, we’ve stopped interacting with each other, many core “American” jobs have been deprecated due […]