SIRP’s SOAR platform helps organizations reduce incident response time

SIRP announced the launch of its SOAR-as-a-Service offering. The cloud-based model provides a fast, flexible solution for enterprises and MSSPs who can access its single, centralised interface to gain valuable intelligence and context on threats, reducing incident response times from hours to minutes. SIRP’s SOAR platform is designed to help organizations struggling with a growing […]

Facebook, It’s Time to Put the Rules in One Place

On Jan. 28, Facebook responded to the Facebook Oversight Board’s first set of policy recommendations. These nonbinding recommendations included a suggestion that Facebook should “create a new Community Standard on health misinformation, consolidating and clarifying the existing rules in one place.” Plainly stated, the Oversight Board told Facebook, your policies are confusing and hard to […]

Reducing the Time to Discovery: How to Determine if You Have Been Hacked

For most small businesses, the chances of falling prey to a long-term covert surveillance operation by well-resourced, likely state-backed actors are slim. To recap, that is what the evidence suggests happened in the SolarWinds compromise discovered last December. Many believe the company’s Orion update was used to conduct cyber espionage for months prior to being […]

Using Median Time to Resolve Efficiently 

Customers that have embraced DevOps often ask me for the best metrics to measure their program. I always advocate focusing on policy compliance as the number one metric for understanding your risk, as this provides a succinct measurement of the security of your applications. However, if you are looking to measure and motivate development teams, […]

This may shock you but Adobe is shipping insecure software. No, it’s not Flash this time. Nope, not Acrobat, either

Mobile app SDKs sport dodgy crypto defaults, set bad examples – updates available It has been revealed that Adobe’s Experience Platform mobile SDKs, used to create apps that interact with the company’s cloud services, until recently contained sample configuration files that created insecure default settings.… The Register – Security

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