On Unionizing Against Tech Companies

Over the last few years I’ve seen two very different complaints against tech companies. Google is the most recent example. Workers Being Treated Poorly: I’m 100% in support of unionizing for this reason. Treating contractors like garbage, racism, sexism, other types of discrimination, poor working conditions, etc. These are all the types of issues that […]

Hacking Tech Gifts: Brushing with Bluetooth

If high-tech gadgets were on your holiday shopping list, it is worth taking a moment to think about the particular risks they may bring. Under the wrong circumstances, even an innocuous gift may introduce unexpected vulnerabilities. In this blog series, VERT will be looking at some of the Internet’s best-selling holiday gifts with an eye toward their […]

Biden administration labels China top tech threat, promises proportionate responses to cyberattacks

Tech visa reform pledged, alongside diplomacy to write new rules for tech The Biden administration has named China as the most threatening nation the United States faces, on grounds that it can combine its technological and other capabilities like no other.… The Register – Security

Biden Administration Labels China Top Tech Threat, Promises Proportionate Responses To Cyberattacks

Packet Storm

Rogue TrendMicro Employee Sold Customer Data to Tech Support Scammers

Do you always uncomfortable trusting companies with your data? If so, you’re not alone. While companies do much to protect themselves from external threats, insiders always pose the highest risk to a company’s data. Unfortunately, when we say companies can’t eliminate insider threat completely, cybersecurity firms, who are meant to protect others, are not an […]

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