Russian Hackers Targeted Ukraine Authorities With Supply-Chain Malware Attack

Ukraine is formally pointing fingers at Russian hackers for hacking into one of its government systems and attempting to plant and distribute malicious documents that would install malware on target systems of public authorities. “The purpose of the attack was the mass contamination of information resources of public authorities, as this system is used for […]

Maza Russian Cybercriminal Forum Suffers Data Breach

Packet Storm

Report: Russian Hackers Exploit Lithuanian Infrastructure

Hacker groups linked to Russian intelligence conducted cyber-attacks against top Lithuanian officials and decision-makers last year and used the Baltic nation’s technology infrastructure as a base to hit targets elsewhere, a report by Lithuania’s intelligence service said Thursday. read more SecurityWeek RSS Feed

Three Top Russian Cybercrime Forums Hacked

Over the past few weeks, three of the longest running and most venerated Russian-language online forums serving thousands of experienced cybercriminals have been hacked. In two of the intrusions, the attackers made off with the forums’ user databases, including email and Internet addresses and hashed passwords. Members of all three forums are worried the incidents […]

Russian cybercriminal forum hacked, user details exposed

A Russian cybercrime forum appears to have suffered a data breach, spilling details of users. Which is a terribly unfortunate thing to happen… Graham Cluley

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