Retail and Hospitality Sector Has Impressive Fix Rate, but Room to Improve

Over the past year, the retail and hospitality industries have been forced to adapt to the ???new normal.??? Since lockdowns and health concerns have prevented or dissuaded in-person shopping or dining, the new normal has been e-commerce. Smaller businesses not equipped for the increase in e-commerce have had to undergo rapid digital transformation in order […]

How To Hack Arcade Claw Machines | 100% WIN RATE | Arcade Hackers

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Should You Be Measuring Flaw Rate?

Metrics — or perhaps more accurately, the right metrics — are crucial for understanding what’s really happening in your AppSec program. They serve a dual purpose: They demonstrate your organization’s current state, and also show what progress it’s making in achieving its objectives.  We typically recommend our customers measure their compliance against their own internal […]

What Is Fix Rate, and Why Does It Matter?

Once your application security program is up and running, there are several metrics you can use to gauge your progress and optimize your program. For instance, companies typically measure their scan activity, flaw density, and policy compliance. However, very few include metrics for fix rate, despite the fact that it is an important indicator of […]