Privilege Escalation Bugs Patched in Linux Kernel

A total of five vulnerabilities that could lead to local privilege escalation were recently identified and fixed in the Linux kernel. Identified by Positive Technologies security researcher Alexander Popov, the high severity bugs resided in the virtual socket implementation of the Linux kernel. read more SecurityWeek RSS Feed

Researcher Finds 5 Privilege Escalation Vulns In Linux Kernel

Packet Storm

Five privilege escalation flaws fixed in Linux Kernel

Experts found five vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel, tracked as CVE-2021-26708, that could lead to local privilege escalation. Positive Technologies researcher Alexander Popov found five high severity vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel that could lead to local privilege escalation. The Linux kernel vulnerabilities are race conditions that reside in AF_VSOCK implementation, they were implicitly introduced in November […]

Shoring Up Your Network and Security Policies: Least Privilege Models

Reading Time: ~ 3 min. Why do so many businesses allow unfettered access to their networks? You’d be shocked by how often it happens. The truth is: your employees don’t need unrestricted access to all parts of our business. This is why the Principle of Least Privilege (POLP) is one of the most important, if […]

Symantec Fixes Privilege Escalation Flaw in Endpoint Protection

Symantec fixed a local privilege escalation security flaw affecting all Symantec Endpoint Protection software versions prior to 14.2 RU2, and allowing attackers to escalate privileges on compromised devices and execute malicious code using SYSTEM privileges. […] BleepingComputer

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