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  • The US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has issued a regulatory notice warning US brokerage firms and brokers of an ongoing phishing campaign using fake compliance audit alerts to harvest information. […] BleepingComputer

  • Reading Time: ~ 3 min. One of the most notable findings to come from the Webroot 2020 Threat Report was the significant rise in the number of active phishing sites over 2019—a 640% rise, to be exact. This reflects a year-over-year rise in active phishing sites, but it’s important to keep this (dangerous) threat in […]

  • Digital fraudsters launched a new phishing campaign that used subpoena-themed emails to deliver information-stealing malware. Detected by Cofense, the campaign targeted employees of insurance and retail companies with phishing emails informing them that they had been subpoenaed. The emails instructed recipients to click on a link so that they could learn more about the case. […]

  • Reading Time: ~ 5 min. “Phishing” may have been a relatively obscure term, but pretty much everyone has heard of it by now. In fact, recent statistics indicate a high likelihood that you—or someone you know—have been the victim of a phishing attack at least once.  Now, if you remember the classic Nigerian Prince scams from back […]

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