Malware attack that crippled Mumbai’s power system came from China, claims infosec intel outfit Recorded Future

The fun started at the same time as border skirmishes Updated  Security intelligence firm Recorded Future’s Insikt Group has written a paper alleging China was behind attacks on India’s electricity grid.… The Register – Security

Gootkit malware crew using SEO to get pwned websites in front of unwitting marks

And they’re getting into the ransomware game too, warns Sophos Gootkit financial malware has been resurrected to fling ransomware payloads at unwitting marks, according to Sophos.… The Register – Security

Managed Services Provider CompuCom Hit by Malware

Managed services provider CompuCom was recently targeted in a cyberattack that led to some disruption to customer services and internal operations. read more SecurityWeek RSS Feed

Russian Hackers Targeted Ukraine Authorities With Supply-Chain Malware Attack

Ukraine is formally pointing fingers at Russian hackers for hacking into one of its government systems and attempting to plant and distribute malicious documents that would install malware on target systems of public authorities. “The purpose of the attack was the mass contamination of information resources of public authorities, as this system is used for […]

Spot the Difference: Tracking Malware Campaigns using Visually Similar Images

Introduction Malicious documents often contain images of fake program prompts that are designed to convince a user to perform an action, such as disabling Microsoft Office’s read-only mode (Protected View) and enabling macros. Some forms of trickery are more effective than others, often involving an appeal to a sense of urgency or authority. We see […]

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