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  • Remember those boundless summer days playing ???Capture the Flag??? over the scent of freshly cut grass? No other care in the world aside from finding and seizing that victory flag with bragging rights for the rest of the day? ???Capture the Flag??? wasn???t just an intense physical exercise to release energy; it was a fun […]

  • At Veracode, we’ve been the first and the loudest in proclaiming that companies need to be vigilant in how they use open source components in their software. Our research shows that open source components are used with increasing regularity in the enterprise. The State of Software Security Volume 9 report, which examined 700,000 scans over […]

  • Julien Verlaguet, Software Engineer – Julien is a language hacker originally from Paris VI University. He is the designer of the Hack language and tech lead for the Languages and Tools team. He loves helping developers be more productive and happy. He has a soft spot for Ocaml, one of his favorite programming languages. Video […]