Cybercriminals Target Industrial Organizations in Information Theft Campaign

A mysterious cybercrime group apparently driven by profit has been targeting industrial organizations in Europe, Asia and North America as part of an information theft campaign. read more SecurityWeek RSS Feed

Enemies of The People: An Information Operation

Yesterday, I saw an article on the news wire that had Krebs lawyer mention a site (enemiesofthepeople) and decided to do a little looking. Going down the rabbit hole, I used Google Domains to do some searches to see what iterations of the site were already taken and found a list of sites that I […]

The Complete step by step guide Information Security: Why do we need security ?

The Complete step by step guide Information Security: Why do we need security ? Today we need security to prevent loss of company and loss of revenue/market share, loss of intellectual property, loss of privacy and damage to reputation. These are just some of them. When people think of security consequences, they usually think of […]

SyTech’s FSB Document Dump: Owning The Information Space and Disconnecting It

  Since the dump of the FSB’s contractor data from SyTech, I have spent some time looking at the files that the hacker group 0v1ru$ and their import. The files mostly consist of program statements and agreements between SyTech (SiTech) and the FSB (Unit 71330) for varying programs all tailored to information operations and control. […]

Stardox – Github Stargazers Information Gathering Tool

Stardox is a Python-based GitHub stargazers information gathering tool, it scrapes Github for information and displays them in a list tree view. It can be used for collecting information about your or someone else’s repository stargazers details. GitHub allows visitors to star a repo to bookmark it for later perusal. Stars represent a casual interest […]

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