Stardox – Github Stargazers Information Gathering Tool

Stardox is a Python-based GitHub stargazers information gathering tool, it scrapes Github for information and displays them in a list tree view. It can be used for collecting information about your or someone else’s repository stargazers details. GitHub allows visitors to star a repo to bookmark it for later perusal. Stars represent a casual interest […]

Hacker News Nation #2 – 37 Signals, Amazon Postgres, Github Resumes, and Applying to Y Combinator

Top stories from Hacker News! Read by Mattan Griffel and Chris Castiglione COIN GitHub Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Work Can Wait Google wins book-scanning case: judge finds “fair use,” cites many benefits We Got Rejected by Y Combinator 37signals valuation tops 0 billion after bold VC investment

Git your patches here! GitHub offers to brew automatic pull requests loaded with vuln fixes

Your repo’s dependencies need updating to close a hole? We’re way ahead of you, pal GitHub can now automagically offer security patches for projects’ third-party dependencies.… The Register – Security