Smashing Security podcast #215: Sexy cows banned on Facebook

The FBI is hoping that its hunt for Capitol rioters will go viral, a cryptocurrency con lets its perpetrator live the high life… for a while, and just what does Facebook have against cows and a team of cricketers? All this and much more is discussed in the latest edition of the award-winning “Smashing Security” […]

Breaking news: Facebook breaks news (and other pages) for Australian users

Facebook – angry that the Australian government wants it and other tech giants to pay for content reposted from media outlets – has blocked users in Australia from sharing or viewing news content on the platform. And in characteristic style, they’ve made a right pig’s ear of it. The drongos. Graham Cluley

Facebook, It’s Time to Put the Rules in One Place

On Jan. 28, Facebook responded to the Facebook Oversight Board’s first set of policy recommendations. These nonbinding recommendations included a suggestion that Facebook should “create a new Community Standard on health misinformation, consolidating and clarifying the existing rules in one place.” Plainly stated, the Oversight Board told Facebook, your policies are confusing and hard to […]

Facebook scams: Bad ads, bogus grants, and fake tickets lurk on social media giant

We recently highlighted new steps Instagram is taking to try and clamp down on scammers sending fake messages on their platform. It turns out, other social media giants are walking a similar path for a variety of bogus ads and other attacks. Facebook scams in particular have taken off, despite the company’s efforts to stamp […]

Social Media Hacks: Set Up A Facebook Page And A Twitter Profile

Social Media Hacks: Set Up A Facebook Page And A Twitter Profile Only for today on Amazon:

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