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  • If you want the lowdown on managed detection and response, clock this Promo  One thing you can say about cyber-attackers. They don’t keep office hours. They – or their code – will chip away at your systems, all day, every day, looking for a way in before quietly exploiting it for as long as possible.… […]

  • Something needs to be said about people’s obsession with their tools, e.g., Linux vs. Windows, Vim vs. Nano, Sublime vs. Atom, etc. Your tools don’t matter to other people. What matters is what you create with them. Dave has started multiple companies, employed hundreds of people, and created multiple tools. Dave Kennedy—aka @HackingDave—has done more […]

  • When the Facebook Oversight Board tallied up the public comments on a recent case concerning a Hindi-language post, it reported that the case had received a grand total of six comments. But then there’s the case about Facebook’s decision to indefinitely ban Donald Trump’s account in the wake of the U.S. Capitol riots. So far, […]

  • I’ve always been told that testosterone was the hormone for aggression, violence, and…basically…maleness. Food pyramid anyone? But after decades of being surprised by bad science education, I’m still surprised about how wrong this was. The first I heard of a different understanding was in Robert Sapolsky’s book, Behave, which I read a couple of years […]

  • I have not been an audiophile for 40 years. And I’m not a sound engineer. But I am pretty good at explaining things. I’m in cybersecurity. I’ve spent the last year learning about the HiFi world, starting with the science of sound and other fundamentals. And through all that, a few questions about audio quality […]