Introduction to Hacking

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Level: Beginner
Date Created: November 3, 2010
Length of Class: 68 Minutes


Purpose of Class

This class gives an overview of what hacking is and what hackers do.
Topics Covered

What is Hacking and Who are Hackers
Legal Questions for “Ethical Hackers”
Planning an Attack
Ways to Attack
Protecting Yourself from Discovery
Class Notes

What is Hacking and Who are Hackers
Hacking is Non Convenenal Ways of Interacting with Systems
Hats — Black is Bad, White is Good, Grey Depends on Who You Ask
“Ethical Hacking” — is more a marketing term then anything else.
Acquire Data
Fog of Law
Corporate Privacy Policy
Who owns the SYSTEM is not the same as who owns the DATA
Beware of HIPPA and other Privacy Laws
Ways to Attack
Physically Enter a Building for Theft or to Open a Breach
Gaining Entry to a Building
Posing as Computer Tech/ Security
Be a Temp Employee
Hack systems internally
Leave a Device to Allow Hacking into Network
Planning Attacks
What do you want?
Mass Attack is where you go after as many systems as possible.
Semi Targeted attacks mean you go after a group of targets. Such as you attack companies that use a specific program.
Targeted attacks mean you single out a single company for attack
Protecting Yourself
You can be tracked, but it’s not usually worth their time
Hack from an Internet Connection that is unattached to you.
Leave no trace on your system — Temp and Log files will document your activities
Use compromised systems for attacks
Use prepaid credit cards/ phones for transactions and communication
RUN and deny everything if found out
Criminal Justice Funnel — Approx. 2% of Criminals Caught Receive any kind of punishment
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