How to hack C/C++ Programs With GDB on Mac / Linux (for Beginners)

In today’s video, I am going to show you how to use GDB (GNU Debugger) in order to hack a small C/C++ program we’ve made. The purpose of the #hack is to redirect the control flow of our program, from the normal functionality to a secret function that is normally inaccessible.

Using GDB, we’re able to see the disassembly of a function, we can see the available functions (using the command info functions), we can see the current status of the the registers (info registers), and so on.

It is best to start with small steps, the smaller the C/C++ program you try to hack is, the more chances you have to understand the assembly printout. The C++ program I made for this video is available on my GitHub account for macOS, or as a source code if you wanna compile it in ELF for Linux.

By the way, speaking about Linux, everything I did in this video is possible on Linux, with the same tools and the same commands.

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