Visit Bromium at 614Con, June 13-14, 2019

  • 614Con is an Information Security practitioners’ conference held annually in Columbus, Ohio
  • Bromium will have a booth, together with our technology partner, ReversingLabs
  • Join us June 13-14, and let’s learn from each other

You never know what to expect at 614Con – an annual conference in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 2014, the conference attracts a wide variety of hackers: information security practitioners and hobbyists who come from around the world to share information and knowledge; participate in workshops and hacking villages; take part in scavenger hunts and Packet Wars battles; and listen to industry luminaries speak about anything that’s new and noteworthy in the world of information security. The organizers welcome everyone with the thirst for knowledge, and Bromium’s not going to miss an opportunity to mingle with the most creative and curious minds in the industry!

And Bromium has a lot to share too! Our application isolation solutions collect vast amounts of threat intelligence, which we analyze, organize, summarize, and publish for the benefit of the entire security community. Bromium Threat Reports are regularly sent out to our customers, helping them get familiar with the latest threats and understand how they work, so that their organizations are better protected.

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At 614Con, Bromium has an exhibit table with our partner, ReversingLabs. Stop by for a quick chat with our security experts, learn more about the Bromium-ReservingLabs integration, see a live demo, and share your stories about hacking, being hacked, or outsmarting hackers in their own game. You can also enter our raffle to win a wireless gaming headset.

Let’s learn from each other, and let’s work together to strengthen enterprise security and stay a step ahead of attackers. See you at 614Con!

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