Geek Typer Hacking Simulator

This is my first video hope you like it. It is going to be a demonistration about Geek Typer which is an online Hacking Simulator.It a very good site to prank your friends and pretend to be a pro hacker. Link: Intro: TwiFeedo ‘The Complex’ Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution […]

Type Fast Like a Hacker – Hacker Typer (Awesome Website)

Hacker Typer is a website that allows you to prank your friends & family into making it seem like you can type fast like those hackers on movies. All you’re actually doing to pressing random keys on the keyboard and the website does the rest. There are a few options but I normally just leave […]

Pretend You're Working – Hacker Typer

The power coder has the power of coding without thinking what he is coding, so start coding and show off. I used hacker typer simulation to make this video. Please subscribe:

Hacker Typer (Tips & Tricks)

Hey guys this was a short tip & trick video hope you all enjoy fooling your friends/family!!. dont forget too like this up an SUBSCRIBE you all also can email me at anytime too let me know something you all would like too see me do.. Video Rating: / 5

Hacker Typer

Website Used in The Video: