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  • This one is from the Netherlands. It seems to be clever cryptanalysis rather than a backdoor. The Dutch intelligence service has been able to read encrypted communications from dozens of countries since the late 1970s thanks to a microchip, according to research by de Volkskrant on Thursday. The Netherlands could eavesdrop on confidential communication from […]

  • The Friendly Orange Glow: The Untold Story of the Plato System and the Dawn of Cyberculture Price List: £30.00 Only for today on Amazon: £20.44

  • The Story of Trojan Records Price List: £30.00 Only for today on Amazon: £17.12

  • No Way Out: The Searing True Story of Men Under Siege ‘Fiercely immersive. Truly heroic.’ Tom Marcus, bestselling author of Soldier Spy. ‘Vivid and brilliantly written: a pulsating account of the battle for Musa Qala, the Rorke’s Drift of our times.’ Martin Bell, OBE, war reporter.In Helmand province in July 2006, Major Adam Jowett was […]

  • This true horror story (or better say a short detective story) came from one of the subscribers and I changed the name to protect his identity. I find this true detective story to be amazing (this kid is so smart) and scary at the same time! Let me know in the comments your thoughts on […]