My hacked (for apps) iPhone & an iPod Touch at the Apple Store

My hacked (for apps) iPhone & an iPod Touch at the Apple Store Image by Steve Rhodes

Open Source Clones Unofficially Sold on the Microsoft Store

Developers are taking free open source programs, repackaging them as Windows 10 UWP apps under different names, and then offering them on the Microsoft Store. In some cases, the developers are offering these programs as paid apps or with in-app purchases. […] BleepingComputer

Own goal for Leicester City FC after fan credit card details snatched in merch store hack

If you’ve bought a Foxes shirt lately, check your statements Updated  Leicester City Football Club has quietly told people who bought stuff from its website that their financial details have been stolen by hackers – and those details include credit card numbers and CVVs.… The Register – Security

Devs slam Microsoft for injecting tech-support scam ads into their Windows Store apps

Redmond kinda just shrugs after advertising systems sling scareware pop-ups at users Application makers are crying foul after some of their programs distributed via the Windows Store popped open tech-support scam ads on users’ desktops.… The Register – Security

Apple Store

Apple Store Image by afagen Apple Store, Bethesda, MD – – – – – Blogged by The Consumerist ("If You Want The Next iPad This Week, Don’t Order It Online" by Phil Villarreal – March 12, 2012) at… Blogged by The Consumerist ("’This American Life’ Retracts Story On Foxconn Factory That Makes Apple Products" […]

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