Enemies of The People: An Information Operation

Yesterday, I saw an article on the news wire that had Krebs lawyer mention a site (enemiesofthepeople) and decided to do a little looking. Going down the rabbit hole, I used Google Domains to do some searches to see what iterations of the site were already taken and found a list of sites that I […]

FTC Joins 38 States Taking Down Massive Charity Robocall Operation

Packet Storm

Operation Amazonia Engaged

Greetings World, We are Anonymous. The Amazon rain forest is on fire. The fires that are consuming the rain forest are not natural because these fires are being started by ranchers and farmers to clear Read more »  The nAbAt a ICC soApboX

Anonymous Operation Love

 It is time we all walk together with love. I hope this message inspires people… The world can be so much better. Let’s create something new. It all starts with an idea…. Love and light,Anon2World Read more »  The nAbAt a ICC soApboX

Operation Sudan Open invitation to all hacker from all over the world

It wasn’t a long time ago people of Sudan stood up and said enough is enough. the country being abused by the same regime the swore to protect it after an unlawful coup ! And Read more »  The nAbAt a ICC soApboX