Security as Code: Why It’s Important and What You Need to Know

Software is becoming an increasingly pivotal part of modern business and society. In turn, consumers have come to expect instant gratification. This has driven businesses to concentrate on innovation and speed to market. Businesses that can???t keep up with the hyper-competitive market of speed-to-value are falling behind. But with rapid software deliveries comes increased risk. […]

Ransomware Takedowns Underscore Need for Private-Public Cybersecurity Collaboration

The recent disruption of Emotet, conducted by a worldwide coalition of law enforcement agencies, has huge significance. There are the obvious cybersecurity implications of disrupting what’s been called the “most dangerous malware in the world,” but it’s also a strong reminder of the importance of public and private collaboration in fighting cybercrime. read more SecurityWeek […]

Credential exposure trends: You need a better password

SpyCloud researchers recovered more than 4.6 billion pieces of personally identifiable information and nearly 1.5 billion stolen account credentials from 854 breach sources in 2020, the company announced in its 2021 Credential Exposure Report. Credential exposure trends The number of breach sources increased 33% over 2019, with an average 2020 breach size of 5,455,813 records. […]

The NSA Wants Businesses to Use DoH. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Most people would categorically agree that increased privacy online is a good thing. But in practice, questions of privacy online are a bit more complex. In recent months, you’ve likely heard about DNS over HTTPS, also known as DNS 2.0 and DoH, which is a method that uses the HTTPS protocol to encrypt DNS requests, […]

AppSec Bites Part 4: What Do Teams Implementing DevOps Practices Need to Know?

The key to successfully implementing DevOps practices is relationships. It???s about breaking down the existing silos between different functions that deliver software, like development and operations. These functions need to work toward a common goal, efficient software delivery. The other relationship that is key to implementing DevOps is the relationship between security professionals and developers. […]

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