Replacing EDR/NGAV with Autonomous XDR Makes a Big Difference for Small Security Teams

The attack surface is virtually expanding before our eyes. Protecting assets across multiple locations, with multiple solutions from different vendors, has become a daily concern for CISOs globally.  In a new e-book recently published (download here), CISOs with small security teams talk about the drivers for replacing their EDR/NGAV solutions with an Autonomous XDR solution […]

Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are

Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are ‘A clear and engaging explanation of one of the hottest fields in science’ Steven Pinker‘A hugely important book’ Matt Ridley, The Times One of the world’s top behavioural geneticists argues that we need a radical rethink about what makes us who we areThe blueprint for our individuality […]

Code makes the world go ’round. Well, code and love. So love your code.

Your code is powerful, clever, and elegant—but is it secure? More than ever, code makes the world go ’round. From smart home thermostats to critical infrastructure to integrated clinical environments in hospitals, code runs so much of what touches our lives every day. Sometimes we are explicitly aware that we are interacting with software but […]