“Mentally ill demon hackers” blamed for massive Gab data leak

Gab, the Twitter-like social networking service known for its far-right userbase, has reportedly been hacked – putting more than 40 million public and private posts, messages, as well as user profiles and hashed passwords, at risk of exposure. Read more in my article on the Hot for Security blog. Graham Cluley

Crypto firm Tether says it won’t pay $24 million ransom after being threatened with document leak

Controversial cryptocurrency developer Tether says it will not give in to extortionists who are demanding a 500 Bitcoin ransom payment (currently worth approximately US $ 24 million). Graham Cluley

Donation details “leak” from the Labour Party website

You may have missed it amongst the many news reports of the denial-of-service attacks troubling Labour, but that wasn’t the only reason the UK political party made the cybersecurity headlines this week. Graham Cluley

Facebook Reveals New Data Leak Incident Affecting Groups’ Members

Facebook today revealed yet another security incident admitting that roughly 100 app developers may have improperly accessed its users’ data in certain Facebook groups, including their names and profile pictures. In a blog post published Tuesday, Facebook said the app developers that unauthorizedly access this information were primarily social media management and video streaming apps […]

Morrisons is to blame for 100k payroll theft and leak, say 9,000 workers

Supreme Court wraps up legal submissions from supermarket and breach victims “Cutting to the chase, it’s not a case where the office cleaner finds a thumb drive, picks it up and takes the opportunity to make some use of it,” barrister Jonathan Barnes told the Supreme Court as he urged judges to dismiss Morrisons’ appeal […]

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