On Unionizing Against Tech Companies

Over the last few years I’ve seen two very different complaints against tech companies. Google is the most recent example. Workers Being Treated Poorly: I’m 100% in support of unionizing for this reason. Treating contractors like garbage, racism, sexism, other types of discrimination, poor working conditions, etc. These are all the types of issues that […]

Why do companies fail to stop breaches despite soaring IT security investment?

Let’s first take a look back at 2020! Adding to the list of difficulties that surfaced last year, 2020 was also grim for personal data protection, as it has marked a new record number of leaked credentials and PI data. A whopping 20 billion records were stolen in a single year, increasing 66% from 12 […]

How Many Major Companies Have Lost Their Leadership Position Due to a Breach?

I was just thinking about the biggest breaches we’ve had in history, from companies like Adobe, LinkedIn, Equifax, Marriott, Target, etc., and wondering how badly they’ve been affected long-term. Stock price doesn’t tell the full story of whether something impacted a company. I’m wondering one specific thing about these top companies with the biggest breaches: […]

Majority of FTSE 250 Companies Expose Multiple Weaknesses to Internet: Analysis

Rapid7 has analyzed the visible cyber exposure of some of the UK’s largest companies — the FTSE 250. read more SecurityWeek RSS Feed