How Joining a Professional Community Can Supercharge Your Career and More

When I was a software developer, I never joined any dev communities. I didn’t see the point. I also worked evenings as a professional musician and mostly spent time within the music community and sports groups I was a part of. I spent time with my dev friends at work; I didn’t understand why I […]

What Is the Hacker Community?

Wild West Hackin’ Fest 2017 I’ve had some interesting adventures in my twenty-or-so years as a professional hacker and INFOSEC dude, and I’ve learned quite a few things about the hacker community. In this talk, I’ll unload some of the stories of my adventures all over the globe and share the valuable insights I’ve gained […]

The gaming community is a rising target for credential stuffing attacks

Hackers have targeted the gaming industry by carrying out 12 billion credential stuffing attacks against gaming websites within the 17-month period analyzed in the report (November 2017 – March 2019) by Akamai. 55 billion credential stuffing attacks This puts the gaming community among the fastest rising targets for credential stuffing attacks and one of the […]