YouTube is a wild website, full of mysteries and wonderful creators. This is why when Project Zorgo originally popped up, it seemed possibly destined to disrupt this wonderful landscape that the website had created. The most worrisome part? With each day, Project Zorgo grows stronger, threatening more and more aspects of YouTube’s wonderful community.

Regina left project Zorgo and recently she showed her face but we know that there is more than just leaving project zorgo for their stupid mission she also left project zorgo because she has a crush on Daniel
Regina and Daniel have more in common than simply their elimination from Project Zorgo. In fact, we feel its even more than that
Now you all asking how we know that, we have the answer so stick around to see why we think that

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Faze Rug:
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The TARGET Channels are:

Chad Wild Clay

Vy Qwaint

Stephen Sharer

Lizzy Sharer

Carter Sharer

Papa Jake

Rebecca Zamolo

Matt & Rebecca


Kawaii Kunicorn

Carl & Jinger Family


Guava Juice

Lucas and Marcus

β˜…CHAD WILD CLAY & VY QWAINT vs PROJECT ZORGO in Real Life NINJA BATTLE ROYALE & Chad Wild Clay Unmasking Project Zorgo!

β˜…Chad Wild Clay Is Project Zorgo! + Project Zorgo Face Reveal – CWC, Vy Qwaint, & Daniel Unmasking Project Zorgo

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Attention YouTube Employees:
The YouTube Hacker, Project Zorgo, messaging and incidents in this video are fictitious works executed by YouTubers. No identification with any persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. Before applying a community strike, please correspond with the members of your policy team who are already aware of this channel and/or the creators of this work:
YouTube User ID: waNuezahYT3BOjfXsne2mg
YouTube User ID: mRY4NSGK52lP_Lz11CjdYw

More info about project zorgo:
CHAD WILD CLAY is trying to UNMASKING PROJECT ZORGO! – and also we are trying our best to Unmasking/Revealing Project Zorgo!


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