Hacking 10,000 Accounts

Hacking 10,000 Accounts

I decided to find out who has been behind the double xp streams on Twitch. In the process of doing so I discovered an underground hacking community. One of them was up for an interview. I discovered he has been hacking RuneScape and CSGO accounts for years. Since 2015 he has stepped up his game. In total he has hacked over 10,000 accounts. Made over 100,000$ and is currently saving for medical school.

I didn’t make this video to support hacking. This video was made from a journalistic standpoint. This guy had a story to tell and plenty of proof to back up his claims. He considers himself some what morally above a lot of other hackers. For example he wont drop untradable items. He has had plenty of opportunities to steal from PayPal accounts and debit/credit cards but has chosen not to. Use this information to help educate and protect yourself.

If the video seems a little fast paced that is because I had to edit down a 2 hour interview into 15 minutes. I did my best with it and there is definitely a lot of information in the video so I suggest listening carefully so you don’t miss the important parts. 20k subs is just around the corner!! Enjoy guys 🙂

Thanks for AlfieRules for permission to use his pking clips! Check out his Twitch here: https://www.twitch.tv/alfierules
Music came from this mix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O2xI02A10Y

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