There are important signs your computer has been hacked and your data has been stolen. What should you do? Learn the easiest ways to protect your computer from hackers.
Cyber attacks have recently become a very popular problem, so everyone is worried about protecting their data. To prevent your passwords or other important data from being stolen, you have to pay attention to any changes on your computer.

The antivirus is switched off 0:49
You receive fake antivirus warnings 1:29
Your passwords don’t work 2:05
Your number of friends has grown 2:59
New icons appear on your dashboard 3:25
The cursor moves on its own 3:50
Your printer doesn’t work properly 4:30
You are redirected to different websites 5:02
Your files are deleted by someone else 5:36
Your data is on the internet, even though you didn’t put it there 6:06
There is unusual webcam behavior 6:56
Your computer works very slowly 7:28
What you should do 8:19

What you should do:
• Warn your friends and other people to whom you sent emails that your computer has been hacked. Tell them not to open messages from you and not to click on any links from you.
• Tell your bank about a possible leak of your data. Find out how to protect your money.
• Delete all unfamiliar programs and also those you can’t launch.
• Install a reliable antivirus, and scan your system. Some companies make trial versions.
• Change the passwords on all your accounts.
• If you still feel that the problem is not solved, ask a specialist.

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